It’s a Girl

My husband and I could not contain how excited we were to find out we were having a baby girl. She was going to be our first baby and of course I wanted her to have the traditional Greek brown hair and brown eyes. And yes of course I found myself on Pinterest looking up baby girl nursery designs. We were going to be the perfect family.

We were at our 20 week anatomy scan and I “knew” everything was going to be alright because all I could think was “Out of so many people why would I be the one with something wrong with their child”. After our ultrasound we saw the doctor and that’s when he told us there was something wrong with our child’s brain. I almost passed out. I felt like I was in someone else’s nightmare. He referred us to a specialist who later told us our baby girl had Dandy Walker Variant, which is a condition where certain parts in the brain do not functioning properly. After more tests we found out she would also have a partial deletion of Chromosome 5. I was devastated.

It took my husband and I months to come to terms with the news. We were mourning the idea of what we were expecting our child to be like. It was a rough time and I felt like I could not enjoy my pregnancy, which I did try so hard to do. Once Lexi was born I was so happy to have her be the way she is. I find so much happiness daily with her and I find myself even happier everyday. Lexi is so perfect. I can’t believe I once thought that she may be a burden and she is NOT that at all. She is my true love and I can’t imagine being without her.

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