5 Home Dates For New Parents

Before becoming a new parent my husband and I would have date night at least one night a week. Now that a new baby is in the mix a date may be harder to schedule and to be honest we don’t want to go anywhere without our little one. I am sure many of you moms can relate to this. With that being said my husband and I have come up with home date nights. Today, I am sharing 5 at home date ideas that you may love.

5 Home Dates For New Parents-2


Cook together: To me this one is a given. My husband loves to cook and me not so much, but it is fun when we do it together.

Movie Night: We both like pretty much the same kind of movies so this works well for us.

Binge Watch a Show: Definitely one of our favorite things to do. Netflix and Hulu are our best friends.

Bake: We love to bake cookies and muffins. We especially love to do this late at night and enjoy them with a nice glass of milk.

Play Cards: We haven’t done this one yet, but we do want to learn to play more games so we definitely will be doing this soon.

If you have anymore ideas to suggest please do!



7 Things to Add to Your Baby Registry

When I got pregnant I was SO EXCITED to register for all of the cute baby things. My husband and I literally had the best time doing this. Sometimes in the middle of the fun you forget to register for what you really may need. Today, I am sharing some things that I am so happy to have registered for.

What are some of your favorite registry items?





WubbaNub: This is something that I am sure most people register for. We have four of them. Lexi isn’t good at holding in a pacifier and the weight of the animal on the end really helps her keep them in.

Dr. Brown’s Bottles: Due to Lexi’s weak muscle tone and her being G-Tube fed, we found these bottles are great for her to practice sucking on. They make a preemie nipple that really helps.

Halo Sleepsack: This is such a great thing to have. It is easy to keep your baby feeling warm and snuggly without having to worry about loose crib sheets. Also, the fact that it zips up and down.

Boppy Newborn Lounger: We love this! It is so lightweight and a wonderful thing to use for tummy time.

Oxo Tot Wipes Dispenser with Diaper Pouch: This is such an incredible item. If I have somewhere quick to go to I will grab this and out the door we are.

Halo Bassinet: This is amazing so it definitely is a must have. I love how it vibrates and plays music to put your infant to sleep. My little girl loves it and instantly calms her down, well for the most part anyway.

Dekor Plus Hands-Free Diaper Pail: The fact that this is hands free is the best. Nice, fast, and easy.

29 Things

I turned 29 yesterday so I thought I would share 29 things about me that you don’t know!



I am TERRIBLE at math.

I absolutely despise everything Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

I have five tattoos and do want more.

Touch is my love language.

I am a very introverted person, which always surprises people.

I do love meeting new people though.

I love shopping alone so I don’t have to be rushed.

I Love Lucy is my favorite show.

I am currently binge watching Saving Hope and Degrassi: The Next Generation.

My finger nails are ALWAYS painted.

I could eat sushi everyday if mercury poisoning wasn’t an issue.

I do love myself sweet and sour chicken if I can’t have sushi.

I have a huge obsession with meat and three dishes.

I have three different email accounts on my phone.

I don’t like to cook and don’t have the desire to learn to be better at it.

I do know how to bake some amazing brownies.

I drink hot coffee during the Summer.

My husband and I have been together for almost nine years.

We met when we were kids and yes I thought he was cute back then.

Being a mom is my favorite thing.

My baby is a Special Needs child and I am determined to give her the best life.

I love to sing the car and sometimes I do get stares at red lights.

I live in the same town that I grew up in.

Santorini is my favorite travel destination.

I am not good at sports at all.

I can see the lake from my kitchen table and I love that.

Laundry is something I always dread doing.

Most girls prefer heels, but I prefer flats.

I purchased my first designer bag in high school ( Dooney and Burke ).

I am spending my Birthday with my family and I am very thankful for them.


10 Mom Truths

Being a mom is the best thing ever! I absolutely love it. I do have to admit that I have done things I said I never would do and haven’t done things I said that I would do. So much changes when becoming a mom. I never knew how different things would be, so I wanted to share 10 things that I have come to find that are differently true.

Can any of you relate to these?

10 Mom Truths-3

You will Google just about everything and yes you will freak out.

You will feel a love like no other.

Your baby’s touch will melt your heart.

You will ask the pediatrician a million questions.

You will wonder if what they do is “normal”.

Finding time for yourself will become harder.

You will understand why your friends with kids would bail on you.

You are no longer grossed out by boogers or poop.

You will be EMOTIONAL about the little things.

The house will always be cluttered with toys.