Lexi’s Heart Journey: Part 1

As you all may know by now my daughter is a Special Needs child. She was born with a Chromosome 5 deletion and a large VSD in heart. She has been hospitalized now for 2 months and is now recovering from heart surgery.

She was first admitted into GHS for reflux issues and had a surgery done called a Nisen (wrapping stomach to the esophagus) to correct that. After 2 days she had trouble breathing and the doctors had to put a breathing tube down her windpipe to keep her breathing. After a CT, they saw that her heart had enlarged and was compressing her left lung. That is when it was decided that she would be going to MUSC for heart surgery.

It is tough as a mom to see my baby go through all of that but it needed to be done. She had her surgery on November 29th and is recovering very well! A post about that is coming soon! Thank you to everyone for following along on our journey.


7 Children’s Christmas Books

Christmas was and is my favorite time. I always loved the decor, the atmosphere, and as a kid always the stories. I remember reading so many Christmas books growing up and I can’t wait to do the same for Lexi. Here are some that would be great for your little ones and you to enjoy.



All I Want for Christmas Is You | A Very New York Christmas | How the Grinch Stole Christmas | The Christmas ABC | Madeline’s Christmas | Dream Snow | How to Catch Santa