Lexi’s First Easter Basket Preparation

Happy Friday!!

I am very excited about this being Lexi’ first Easter so I HAD to show you all the preparation of her first Easter basket. I didn’t go overboard considering she is an 8 month old, but I feel that I got all the necessities for her. I am very much looking forward to giving this to her.

What all did you momma’s include in your little one’s Easter basket?


Easter Grass: Target | Easter Basket: Target


Onesie: Target


Book: Target






Carbon Coco Review

I have recently become  obsessed with my teeth. It’s the first thing I look at in the mirror in the morning. Now that I am a mom I drink more coffee than usual and of course it can stain your teeth. I think white teeth are a basic necessity and I feel “dirty” if mine aren’t white. Carbon Coco reached out asking if I’d like to try their natural teeth whitening products and I was all about it. Keep reading to find out more about it.

All you need to do is wet the toothbrush, dip into the powder and tap off. The just brush your teeth for 30 seconds, rinse and brush teeth normally with toothpaste. How simple is that?!

Do I recommend it?
Yes I do. It does make a mess in the bathroom, but my teeth have definitely gotten whiter. So it does work.


*Thank you Carbon Coco for sponsoring today’s post*


Night Time Skincare Routine

Happy Friday dolls!

A few weeks ago I shared a post with you all about my morning skincare routine. Today I am looking forward to sharing my nighttime skincare routine. It is a little more extensive than my morning routine, but the results are worth it.

What are some products that you all have in your nighttime routine?

Philosophy Cleansing Cloths: These are AMAZING! They feel so great on your face and remove my makeup so well.

Erno Laszlo White Marble Vitamin C Peel: I use this once for deep exfoliation and it works wonders.

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish: This product makes my lips feel so smooth! I use it two times a week. All you have to do is massage it on your lips then wipe off, so easy!

Tula Purifying Face Cleanser: This is easily the best cleanser I have ever used. It feels so great on my skin. This cleanser goes deep into your pores to remove impurities and helps condition skin.



Tula Pro-Glycolic Resurfacing Gel: This product is so amazing and it is so gentle on my sensitive skin. It uses probiotics, glycolic acid, and beetroot extract to gently exfoliate your skin. It leaves it smooth and hydrated.

La Mer Moisturizing Cream: I have been using this for about a year now and so happy that I started to use. It is so gentle and leaves my skin so soft.

Tula Revitalizing Eye Cream: I have always been picky about eye creams until I found this one. It hydrates the skin around the eyes which minimizes lines and dark circles.

Tula Dual Phase Skin Reviving Treatment Pads: I use these two times a week and I am so happy to have purchased these. They really brighten up your skin. I saw a difference after three weeks of using them.

La Mer Hand Treatment: This was a splurge for hand cream, but worth it! It makes my hands feel so smooth and I put it on every night. This has to be my favorite purchase in my skincare routine. It was perfect for the winter months for when my hands were super dry.





Photos by: Hannah Decossas Photography 

Transition to the Crib


As a first time mom I can’t describe how hard it was to move Lexi from her bassinet to her crib in her own room. I do have to state that her room is all the way across the house. I also have to tell you that Lexi did better than I did. I was so sad to not have her in our room, but it was time for her to move out.

Below are three tips that made this transition easy on Lexi:

  1. Hang out in her room for a bit. Make her feel like you are there. I can’t begin to tell you all how much this helped Lexi. I only did it for almost two weeks and thankful that this helped so quickly.
  2. Do the switch in stages. I started off having her nap in there and then moved her in her room for bedtime.
  3. Create a routine. I always have some bonding time with Lexi in my room and then we go to her room for story time before I put her down for the night.


These three things really helped her transition and I hope they can help you mommas as well.


Photo by: Hannah Decossas Photography