Transition to the Crib


As a first time mom I can’t describe how hard it was to move Lexi from her bassinet to her crib in her own room. I do have to state that her room is all the way across the house. I also have to tell you that Lexi did better than I did. I was so sad to not have her in our room, but it was time for her to move out.

Below are three tips that made this transition easy on Lexi:

  1. Hang out in her room for a bit. Make her feel like you are there. I can’t begin to tell you all how much this helped Lexi. I only did it for almost two weeks and thankful that this helped so quickly.
  2. Do the switch in stages. I started off having her nap in there and then moved her in her room for bedtime.
  3. Create a routine. I always have some bonding time with Lexi in my room and then we go to her room for story time before I put her down for the night.


These three things really helped her transition and I hope they can help you mommas as well.


Photo by: Hannah Decossas Photography

9 thoughts on “Transition to the Crib

  1. Purely Mama P says:

    I couldn’t agree more about having baby nap in their crib before making the switch to bedtime. I had my daughter napping in her crib from 2 weeks old, then at 3 months we moved her in there for bedtime and it was a breeze! Great tips!


  2. Keating Bartlett says:

    We moved our daughter at 6 months and it was definitely harder on me than her haha but we didn’t do it in stages. Babies cannot understand why it’s okay to sleep in one place for naps and another for bedtime so I wanted to avoid that confusion. We tried it for naps one day, she did great, so we officially made the transition that night. She did excellent! 🙂 it helps a ton that we’ve promoted good sleep habits since day one so there really wasn’t much to be worried about. But I did miss her terribly those first few nights! lol


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