Family + Newborn Shoot

This little has brought so much joy to our lives. I never knew you could love like this and it is such an amazing feeling. We are crazy about this girl.

We took these when Lexi was a month old since she spent the first month in the NICU. She did well during the shoot except for a brief moment when she got tired. I tried to get our dog Pluto in the shoot but he would just not have it. Maybe we will have better luck on our next shoot.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!








Photos by: Hannah Decossas Photography

Details: My dress: Dress Up

Hubby’s shirt: Old Navy / Pants: Old Navy

Eight Weeks

Baby Lexi is about eight weeks old! I can’t believe how fast time has flown by. I have heard parents say that times flies by and I would roll my eyes at that, but boy was I wrong. Time goes by really fast. We are so lucky that she is ours. I can’t imagine not having her. One huge thing that has happened in this eight weeks is that we found out that she does not have Dandy Walker Variant! We are so blessed and happy to have found out this news. She still has the chromosome deletion, but we are thankful we have one less health problem with our baby girl.

Lexi is still a petite little girl weighing at 7 pounds 11 ounces. She was 4 pounds 9 ounces when she was born so we are thrilled with this weight gain. When she was born all I had was newborn sized sleepers and those were so big on her so I had to find some preemie ones and I was shocked to find out how hard it was to find them. She still wears some preemie and she can fit into some newborn sizes while some are still a little big.

So far in her eight weeks of life she has had a G-Tube surgery, has become a total daddy’s girl, loves her doggy, hates bath time (screams at the top of her lungs), began OT and Speech, and sleeps through the night. The sleeping through the night is because she gets continuous feeds, but we are still thrilled with that.

I love this little girl so much and can’t wait to share more about her with you all. Now I hope you enjoy all the iPhone snaps of her!





It’s a Girl

My husband and I could not contain how excited we were to find out we were having a baby girl. She was going to be our first baby and of course I wanted her to have the traditional Greek brown hair and brown eyes. And yes of course I found myself on Pinterest looking up baby girl nursery designs. We were going to be the perfect family.

We were at our 20 week anatomy scan and I “knew” everything was going to be alright because all I could think was “Out of so many people why would I be the one with something wrong with their child”. After our ultrasound we saw the doctor and that’s when he told us there was something wrong with our child’s brain. I almost passed out. I felt like I was in someone else’s nightmare. He referred us to a specialist who later told us our baby girl had Dandy Walker Variant, which is a condition where certain parts in the brain do not functioning properly. After more tests we found out she would also have a partial deletion of Chromosome 5. I was devastated.

It took my husband and I months to come to terms with the news. We were mourning the idea of what we were expecting our child to be like. It was a rough time and I felt like I could not enjoy my pregnancy, which I did try so hard to do. Once Lexi was born I was so happy to have her be the way she is. I find so much happiness daily with her and I find myself even happier everyday. Lexi is so perfect. I can’t believe I once thought that she may be a burden and she is NOT that at all. She is my true love and I can’t imagine being without her.

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