Lexi’s First Easter Basket Preparation

Happy Friday!!

I am very excited about this being Lexi’ first Easter so I HAD to show you all the preparation of her first Easter basket. I didn’t go overboard considering she is an 8 month old, but I feel that I got all the necessities for her. I am very much looking forward to giving this to her.

What all did you momma’s include in your little one’s Easter basket?


Easter Grass: Target | Easter Basket: Target


Onesie: Target


Book: Target






From Colic, To Reflux, To A Nissen



Witching hour. When Lexi was about two months old she would cry and cry from about 9:00pm to 10:30pmish every night. That time frame was officially called witching hour in our house. This literally lasted for about a month or so. I thought this was her just being a bay since I am a first time mom, but it was colic.

After a few months she started spitting up from her mouth and out her nose a few times a day. in the course of a week it got worse. I was afraid to lay her down and leaving the room because I was scared that she may spit up and choke.

One day we were at her cardiologist’s office and he noticed her contorting her body and spitting up/refluxing bad and he admitted us to GHS. This was our third hospital visit with her, but I never knew you could get hospitalized for reflux problems. Once we were admitted they did tests for eight or nine days just to rule out anything else and to be sure in fact that it was reflux and that is what it was. They tried feeding her through A NG Tube that went to her stomach and that didn’t help. Then they tried an NJ Tube, that past the stomach into her small intestine and it helped a tiny bit. Eventually the doctors decided she needed to get a Nissen done, which they tie the upper stomach to her esophagus. Things can go down but nothing can come up.

They performed the surgery and it worked. She now has her Nissen. She doesn’t spit up anymore and she is on three medications to help her motility and heartburn. I am so thankful for the Nissen. It really has done wonders for Lexi and I am so thankful for the doctors at GHS.


Photos by: Hannah Decossas Photography

Six Months

First off I have to say that I can’t believe that six months has gone by since becoming a mommy. It is the best thing ever. I never knew I could love someone so much and honestly you really don’t know the feeling until it happens.

As you know Lexi was hospitalized for almost three months and now we have been home for a month and it has been amazing. She is a little behind but that is expected due to her chromosome deletion and because she was in fact in the hospital for so long. She is now starting to reach some of her milestones such as turning her head from side to side and following things. She is kicking a lot and loves to put her hands together. Also, sometimes she hold things with both hands and still loves her carrot rattle.

I am absolutely in love with this girl and so happy to have her home and see her grow.



Dress: Burberry ( Love this one and this one ) | Hairband: Carter’s

Photos by: Hannah Decossas Photography

Lexi’s Heart Journey: Part 1

As you all may know by now my daughter is a Special Needs child. She was born with a Chromosome 5 deletion and a large VSD in heart. She has been hospitalized now for 2 months and is now recovering from heart surgery.

She was first admitted into GHS for reflux issues and had a surgery done called a Nisen (wrapping stomach to the esophagus) to correct that. After 2 days she had trouble breathing and the doctors had to put a breathing tube down her windpipe to keep her breathing. After a CT, they saw that her heart had enlarged and was compressing her left lung. That is when it was decided that she would be going to MUSC for heart surgery.

It is tough as a mom to see my baby go through all of that but it needed to be done. She had her surgery on November 29th and is recovering very well! A post about that is coming soon! Thank you to everyone for following along on our journey.


Self Soothing

I have to start off and say that life with a 2 month old is exhausting but fun all at the same time. But when the crying starts so does the stress. I can’t help but wonder why can’t I soothe her at times.  I’ll try about anything. I’ll try the shushing method, swinging, sucking, and the swaddling ( which this one does work at times ). When all of this doesn’t work I resort to a method most parents may not like and that is letting her just cry it out. Of course I check the monitor to see if she’s ok and all but she does need to learn to self soothe. This method won’t only come in handy at night but it does when she wakes up from a nap. That way she can try to fall back asleep. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t, but self soothing is something that I would like for her to learn to do. Are there any other moms out there that do this?




Photo by: Hannah Decossas Photography

Baby Girl Dresses

One of the best things about having a baby girl are all the dresses I get to purchase for her. I must look online at least a few times a week ordering new dresses for her. Of course right now she is too young to appreciate all this but when she is older I am sure she will. She is her mother’s daughter after all.



Burberry Dress | Burberry Flannel Dress | Embroidered Dress |Ralph Lauren Cupcake Dress | Burberry Check Dress | Carter’s Chambray Dress |  Carter’s Bodysuit Dress Cardigan Set