Father’s Day Gift Guide

Happy Monday!

As you know Father’s Day is this Sunday so I came up with a little gift guide with my husband, who will be celebrating his first Father’s Day! ( So exciting!)




Travel Kit: The hubby has this and loves it! It fits everything he needs for when we leave town.

Timex Watch: This is the hubby’s pick for his Father’s Day gift. I may or may have not purchased it for him.

Magnanni Belt: I love it!!

Cleansing Shaving Cream: This product is sooooo good!!

Gucci Wallet: As soo as the hubs is ready for a new wallet this is his go-to!

Apple AirPods: The fact that the don’t have a cord is genius.



Inner Strength

I was afraid to go to Greek school and I was afraid to go to Sunday school. There were three girls there that always put me down. They know exactly who they are and I kind of hope that they are reading this post so they know what they put me through. I wouldn’t exactly call what they did to me bullying but it was close. It was enough to not make me want to go to those places. I dreaded when I had to go and face them. What if they made fun of my clothes? What if they called me retarted again? What if I accidentally wore something similar to one of them and then called a copycat? I begged my mom to not make me go. I begged and begged but I had to. I was afraid to speak up, who knows I may have said something they found funny and laughed at me. These girls were the definition of “mean girls”.

Fast forward about fifteen years. I feel like they still look at me that same way. At first I thought I was paranoid, but I know they do. I’ll always know that look that I also got back then.

Now it is different. I am a grown woman with inner strength. I am more confident in myself and don’t feel intimidated around them the few times a year that I do run into  them. If you are wondering what happened to them, they moved away (insert praise hands emoji).

I pray that my daughter does not have to deal with girls like that in the future. I pray that all little girls don’t have to deal with that. No one deserves to feel afraid to go anywhere. I pray that all girls/women have and find inner strength.


The Perfect Mom Bathing Suits

Happy Thursday! I hope you all are just as excited about the weekend as I am! Today I am going to share the chicest, yet mom approved bathing suits with you. I am sure many of you moms can relate to the fact that your tummy has a little extra going on so these one piece bathing suits and high waisted ones are perfect for that. I just ordered this one and love it! I am looking forward to adding a few more to my collection.

I would love to hear what some of you have gotten for Summer!




Motel Valentina One Piece | Topshop Ruched Front Plunge Swimsuit | Motel Rocks Valentina Swimsuit | J.Crew Strip Lace up One Piece | Ted Baker Stripe Ruffle Swimsuit | J.Crew Ruffle Bandeau Bikini Top | J.Crew High Waist Bikini Bottoms

Lexi’s Favorite Reads

I am sorry for the lack of posts lately, but with a 10 month old life can get pretty busy. I have previously shared a post on how important it is to your child and I am still a firm believer on that subject.

I absolutely love reading to Lexi. Even though she isn’t old enough to understand a lot yet I honestly believe there are books that she really enjoys more than others. Maybe it’s the pitch in my voice, but today I want to share her favorite reads with you all. These are on constant rotation and yes that means some books get neglected, but why wouldn’t I read what makes her smile?

These below have been our go-tos for the past month or so.

What are some of your little one’s favorite books?





Mommy Hugs | Where’s Ellie | Will You Be My Sunshine | Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada | Everything is Mama | Giraffes Can’t Dance | Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Get My Fire Place and Mantle Look

Last week I shared my coffee table look with you so I thought that I would share my fireplace and mantle. It pretty much correlates with my coffee table with the mercury glass but I have added some faux greenery and terracotta vases which I love.


Vase: Pottery Barn | Branches: Pottery Barn | Lantern: Pier 1 Imports ( Similar Here )




Vase: Pottery Barn | Lantern: Pier 1 Imports ( Similar Here )


Candle: Pottery Barn | Pillar: Pottery Barn ( Similar Here ) | Faux Branches: Pottery Barn ( Love these )


Get My Coffee Table Look

Now that the holidays are over I put out my “everyday” coffee table decor and I could not be more proud of it. I love mercury glass, it is so timeless and goes with a lot of the decor around my home. I just love this beautiful, simple coffee table look.





Tray: Target | Pillars: Pottery Barn ( Similar here ) | Coasters: Anthropologie | Candles: Pottery Barn | Large Vase: Pier 1 Imports | Small Vase: Pier 1 Imports


Photos by: Hannah Decossas Photography