Inner Strength

I was afraid to go to Greek school and I was afraid to go to Sunday school. There were three girls there that always put me down. They know exactly who they are and I kind of hope that they are reading this post so they know what they put me through. I wouldn’t exactly call what they did to me bullying but it was close. It was enough to not make me want to go to those places. I dreaded when I had to go and face them. What if they made fun of my clothes? What if they called me retarted again? What if I accidentally wore something similar to one of them and then called a copycat? I begged my mom to not make me go. I begged and begged but I had to. I was afraid to speak up, who knows I may have said something they found funny and laughed at me. These girls were the definition of “mean girls”.

Fast forward about fifteen years. I feel like they still look at me that same way. At first I thought I was paranoid, but I know they do. I’ll always know that look that I also got back then.

Now it is different. I am a grown woman with inner strength. I am more confident in myself and don’t feel intimidated around them the few times a year that I do run into  them. If you are wondering what happened to them, they moved away (insert praise hands emoji).

I pray that my daughter does not have to deal with girls like that in the future. I pray that all little girls don’t have to deal with that. No one deserves to feel afraid to go anywhere. I pray that all girls/women have and find inner strength.


2 thoughts on “Inner Strength

  1. Joy Rambo says:

    I am so sorry that this was your experience growing up, especially at a place that should’ve felt the most safe. Thank you for sharing this story, and know that you are definitely not alone. God never wishes us to have pain, but He always provides the way out. You have shown, repeatedly, that you found the way out. That is awesome-may He continue blessings upon blessings on your new family and you. Truly, SO proud of you.


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