Postpartum. The experience isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Of course the first few weeks was a whirlwind of emotions. Laughter and tears. The fact that I had a baby in the NICU didn’t make my emotional health any better. But let me just state that I was not depressed just sad that I had to leave her every night to go home.

My body of course is a lot different than it was a year ago. I had to embrace these new bumps, so I had to add to my wardrobe. After six weeks and exclusively pumping I was below my pre-pregnancy weight! I honestly had to do a double take at the scale. Before I got pregnant I was 155 pounds, the week I give birth I was 177 pounds, and as of a week ago I am 145 pounds. I honestly feel great about my body, all I need is just a little bit of tightening.


I have also made a point to allow some “me” time. My husband has been great in watching Lexi and letting me take a long shower, go on a walk, go to the salon, get a mani/pedi, etc. I feel that has helped me so much mentally. Sometimes I just need an hour to recharge and I feel that time makes me a better mom when I come back home.

At the end of the day, I am so tired, have dark circles under my eyes, late to appointments, and having to entertain a fussy two month old who is crying for no reason. But this is motherhood and I love it.

Photo by: Hannah Decossas Photography


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